Life Is Short, Find Shortcuts.

When I was young it was indoctrinated into me that shortcuts were not ‘good things’. I was taught this almost as if it were a part of the Bible, you know the verses that say what God made followed by the phrase “and it was good”? Well if shortcuts were in the Bible according to those mentoring me while I was young, it wouldn’t have been followed by that phrase (sorry Martha Stewart). Not only that but it was something of an embarrassment to be caught using any kind of shortcuts in our home. My Grandma’s voice still rings in my ears “Susie, do you want to do it that way or do you want to do it right?” You got it GF, can’t you just see me hanging my head in shame? Well…

I have grown-up now and, I know this will be soooo offensive but I have to tell you all, I have found shortcuts and they are D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S! Absolutely delicious. Almost SINFULLY delicious. And they have saved my life. I am not ashamed of them AND to be even more offending, I am going to share a few with you today.

First off I must say that Grandma may have been a teensy bit right (ya, I have to give the old gal credit where it is due—love you Grandma!). Right, in the fact that ANY shortcut won’t do, you need to weigh out the end results carefully. By using my shortcuts very little can go wrong, I promise.

Secondly, I pride myself on saving time but also having absolutely wonderful results. This is not always the case with shortcuts, thus the bad reputation. When I find a shortcut that is absolutely phenomenal I have to share with my friends.

One more thing before we get started, you may want to bookmark this to refer back to it later. Yes, they are that good.

I have been painting my house for several weeks now and I have learned what works for me and what doesn’t. So keep that in mind, somethings that work for me may not work for others. I also am not receiving any kind of pay for my reviews of any product in this post. So here’s today’s 10 hints.

  1. Take the labels off your paint cans or paint chips to apply to the backside of your light switch plate in each room that you
    are painting. I am painting several rooms with Valspar ‘Comet Dust’ so I needed to make my own labels. To do this just buy whole sheet sticker paper and cut to size, remember you will need to make them small to accommodate the plate. How Genius is this? I am so doing this!

paint formula

  1. Dip a craft stick into each color of paint and label. I would add to this my own preference, I am adding my own labels from my sticker sheets after I drill the holes and add the binder ring. Too cool! This will allow you to go to the paint store or fabric store even furniture store with easy peasy matching. Why didn’t I think of this??!

paint stick samples

  1. The E-Z Twist Paint Stick. Okay now this is a mixed review of this product. The concept seems simple enough but there are pros and cons to using this. First of all I loved the way it put on paint without needed to climb a ladder, I’m 5’5” and yes I had to stretch a bit but with my extreme fear of heights this was a better match for me than climbing a ladder loaded with a paint pan THAT could spell disaster for clumsy people like me. Also I liked that I painted with confidence without the use of a paint cloth, for those who tend to slop on the paint I suggest using the paint cloth anyway. I loved that it did not splatter!


The down side is that for a woman it is heavy once filled, therefore bulky to use on ceilings as I was painting. Also unless you are painting in one day you will need to change out the roller and meticulously clean it out each day. You cannot stick the roller into a quart size zipper bag to save, the holes inside the roller and the filling valve will clog with hardened paint. So paint all your walls or ceilings first in all the rooms you are painting then trim them out later—works great.

ez twist paint stick

  1. This tip is from my personal experience and I will add, my own regrets. Use white paint on your ceilings ALWAYS! When we built our house the contractor advised me to forget the white ceilings because it was more expensive and it just was not done anymore, and it wasn’t at that time. However I have realized, more now after repainting them white, that it will immensely darken your rooms even if the shade isn’t that dark to begin with—paint will sometimes darken and mine did. It darkens even if no one smokes in your home. White paint to me means clean and I missed looking at ‘clean’ ceilings. Also I was amazed at how much lighter my rooms looked once the ceilings were painted. So learn from my own experience, you’ll be glad you did.
  2. I personally haven’t done this but I’ve seen it several times and love it. I am not a rubberband person so it’s tough to find these at my home. Totally wish I could try this…Anyone out there used this? Please write in!

paint can

  1. I totally love this tip. How many of you have ever thought of using these bed stilts? What a great idea! I am going to start using these.

 no 6 stilts

  1. Paint Stick Pad. How’s that for a name? You can make this easily at home and it helps you get behind toilets or any other tight spaces. Totally Genius!

paintstick pad

  1. For painting trim use a stiff angled brush instead of taping. It really does work, been doing that for years myself, also a vane from vinyl venetian blinds to paint near trim you do not want painted.
  1. Now this is something I have never done, imagine a cheapskate like me not thinking of this? Pretty cool.

scrape roller

  1. Rubbermaid Paint Buddy. How ingenious. I have to get This!

paint buddy

After looking at reviews I would recommend washing the heads well after each use. If this is not a strength for you, maybe just putting some in an old salsa jar may work for you. A sponge brush can be used instead of a roller head. As always, just don’t forget to add labels.

I hope these tips helped you if you are starting a painting project, if not I hope these will help you in the future when you do decide to paint. Until then have a great day!

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